Krethai Olive Oil
Welcome to Krethai Olive Oil

Our company, Sirapha, imports High Quality olive oil from Greece.
The Company has a good reputation and history of customer satisfaction.

The company only selects the Extra virgin oil of Premium Grade,
which is suitable for cooking, using in Salads and freshly eaten.
It has a good smell, colour and taste and is full of nutrition.

Olive Oil

The olive oil is normally plenty of the unsaturated-fatty acid which is suitable for consumer product. Olive oil also has the special property as the anti-oxidant which partly acts as the immunity against the diseases in daily life.


The origin of the olive tree is lost in time, coinciding and mingling with the expansion of the Mediterranean civilizations which for centuries governed the destiny of mankind and left their imprint on Western culture.

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The company has a standard shipping and high efficient as well as to have the right people who will be able to provide the best distribution service to the customers.